Environmental awareness towards sustainable development

Located in the heart of the Deux-Sèvres, in the middle of pastures, it is quite natural that EXTÉBOIS has sought to preserve its environment by minimising its impact on nature.


Thanks to local suppliers with whom EXTÉBOIS has formed genuine partnerships, the company limits the transport of goods or multi-site exchanges as much as possible, thus reducing its carbon footprint to a minimum.

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Since 2016, EXTÉBOIS has been PEFC certified for all its products. This means that all the wood and HPL panels used in the production come from ecologically managed forests.


EXTÉBOIS manufactures its plays only with recyclable and truly recycled materials!

This involves Class 4 autoclave-treated pine with Wolmanit (certified CTB-B+). The pine used is PEFC certified, meaning it comes from ecologically managed French forests. A large portion of wood waste are recycled internally for product packaging and wood chips are sorted and recycled as fuel in local brickworks and cement plants.

These panels are made from recycled wood and cardboard. Waste and sawdust are sorted and recycled as fuel.

The steel used, whether stainless or galvanised, is entirely recyclable. The waste resulting from machining is sorted and recycled by a specialised company. They are transformed and revalued in the manufacture of new steel parts.

The aluminium used is fully recyclable. Waste resulting from machining are sorted and recycled by a specialised company. It is transformed and revalued in the manufacture of new aluminium parts.

EXTÉBOIS uses as much recyclable material as possible in the manufacture of its packaging: Wooden pallets and cardboard are the main components. These consist of internally recycled wood and cardboard from of supplier deliveries - nothing is lost at EXTÉBOIS!

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The finishing stains used on wood are water-based, ensuring very low emissions of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). This guarantees operators applying them a zero health risk and real ease of use. Similarly, once applied, these stains emit no solvents.

The paints used on steel and aluminum components consist of 100% dry extract polyester powder. This means they contain no solvents. Applied by baking in ovens, this gives them great hardness and longevity.

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